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W-A-S-P-S. formerly known as Witham Angling Society Police Section and operated from 1986 until 1997 where full membership was open to serving policemen only and associated membership was available for non police anglers (on recomendation only). In 1997 when the last serving police angler at Witham police station retired the club was formally closed although Little Mountains was kept for his own personal club.
Dannatts Pits, Beckingham Hall and Dorewoods Halls (a section of river at Bocking) were then taken over by Kim Crisell and W-A-S-P-S (Witham Angling Sanctuary for Piscatorial Studies) was formed from the ashes of the old Society, with many of the former associate (non-police) members joining the new club. At the end of the first year of the newly formed club the members were polled and it was decided that all waters except Dannatts Pits would be dropped, then in 2006 Little Mountains club was purchased and reunited into the W-A-S-P-S group.

W-A-S-P-S. currently operate two separate groups of fisheries each with their own limited membership.

Dannatts Pits comprises of two old gravel pits, suitable for specimen carp anglers.

Little Mountains Fishery comprises of two farm reservoirs suitable for the general anglers.

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